The Equicizer

Hand-crafted Mechanical Horses for Exercise, Training & Therapy

Since 1988, the Equicizer is the #1 mechanical horse used world-wide!

Made in the USA!

Equicizer Models

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Equicizer Videos!

The Equicizer for Equestrians!      The Equicizer for Therapy!


The Equicizer for Racing!               The Story behind the Equicizer..


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Creator and manufacturer of the Equicizer,

Frankie Lovato Jr;


"To learn more on how the Equicizer can help you as a rider of any kind visit, or click the link below to contact me and ask away!" - Frankie

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Shipping World-wide, the Equicizer has reached 27 countries, being used for Exercise, Training & Therapy since 1988!

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